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Permanent Makeup is one of the best ways to restore definition to our face when we feel like we are fading away. Pigment is permanently deposited into the skin in a well designed shape using a sophisticated digital machine by our Permanent Makeup Artists. We pride ourselves on choosing the best color for your skin tone that guarantees your permanent makeup to look natural. The best compliment we hear from our clients is that their friends and family notice how great they look but they can’t quite figure out what’s different. No one can tell they had permanent makeup done; it’s our little secret!

Permanent Makeup Specialists

Jaclyn Peresetsky

A graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design, Jaclyn specialized in portrait artistry as well as illustration. Shortly after college, she became an esthetician, makeup artist, and permanent makeup artist to use her artistic skills in a way that changes lives. For the last 12 years, she has worked with restoring features of those that have lost lash or brow hair from cancer or overplucked and have thinning brows, sparse lash line, scars from dog bites, thinning lips, etc, etc. She also specializes in color choice so the application looks natural as well as well defined hair strokes (a newer technique used to fill in brows).

Susana Benson

Our newer addition to our permanent makeup team, Susana is a true perfectionist. She stays up to date on all the trends and loves to emulate beautifully sculpted brows seen in magazines. As an esthetician as well as a permanent makeup artist, Susana also understands how important determining every client’s unique face shape prior to choosing the perfect brow. Eyeliner is her favorite procedure because every client should have perfectly defined eyes. She focuses on creating a perfect lift through a winged eyeliner technique. Susana’s passion is the ultimate driver for perfecting her skills.

Permanent Makeup Consultation 60 min ($83)

A detailed explanation of the procedure, sketching of desired shape, decision of color, and patch test completed. A before picture will be taken and post procedure instructions will be given. Consultation is required for all procedures and will be applied toward the cost of the procedure.


Eyebrows 60 min ($550)

Hair line strokes will be applied to fill in sparse brows to create a more consistent and balanced shape. Facial structure, brow color, and hair color is considered when determining the best shape and color.


Eyeliner 60 min ($665)

Lashes are made fuller and an eye is more defined with this effective and precise procedure. An eyeliner or full lash line look is a great look for women of every age. Tail work (illusion of lifting the eye in shading) is extra depending on desired thickness.
Black, black brown, or various brighter colors are available.


Lip Liner 60 min ($688)

Restore the fading vermillion border or make your lip line more symmetrical by having permanent lip liner applied. This procedure adds definition and fullness to any lip and can be done to the thinness of lips. Color will be determined off desired color and undertone of the lip.


Sunburst Lip Color 60 min ($935)

Restore fading lips and add back in color with this simple and effective procedure. One color is applied to the lip line and shaded to the inside of the lips.

Full Lip Color with Liner 90 min ($1180)

One color is applied to the liner and a different color is applied to the rest of the lips.

Permanent Makeup Restoration 60 min (starts at $200)

Touch up an old procedure done years ago with a simple reapplication of color. Shape must be existing and consultation completed.

Permanent Makeup Corrective 90 min (starts at $400)

Correct an old procedure and correct poorly shaped work with our advanced corrective techniques. A consultation and procedure history is required.