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Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa

Columbus – Polaris

polaris-mapSkin Perfect Image Wellness Spa sees over 700 clients a month and acts as our research and development location. Here we test new products and services and select new items for our menu for all of our locations.

Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa
2117 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240


Skin Perfect Studio

Columbus – Bethel

bethel-mapSkin Perfect Studio offers all Skin Perfect’s traditional services with a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Here you will also find body treatments, nutrition counseling and our custom St. Tropez airbrush booth. Clients who truly want a zen experience are recommended to visit this location.

Skin Perfect Studio
1061 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43220
Located in the Woodcraft Center shopping mall on the corner of Bethel and Kenny.


Skin Perfect Oasis


naples-mapSkin Perfect Oasis offers our traditional Skin Perfect services, including a cutting edge makeup studio, a nail spa, spray tan facility, and a retail wall filled with Skin Perfect Skincare and Colore Me Perfect Cosmetics. We cater to the needs of our clients who enjoy a wide range of services specifically designed for women who live in sunny climates, are frequent travelers and have distinguished taste.

Skin Perfect Oasis
6306 Trail Boulevard N.
Naples, FL 34108